ProForm SMART Strider 495 CSE Elliptical Review – CSE Series

ProForm SMART Strider 495 CSE – Overview

The ProForm SMART Strider 495 CSE Elliptical Trainer is the first model in the CSE Series, and it’s under the price tag of $600. The 495 CSE was released by ProForm in the year 2016, and it’s the perfect equipment for home use because of its ability to fold.

SMART Strider 495 CSE is the classic elliptical machine for users of all levels and ages. It is iFit Ready and contains about 18 Workout Apps that help you reach your fitness goals in a short period. These programs are designed by certified personal trainers who will assist you all along the way.

The reason why the SMART Strider 495 CSE is the perfect elliptical trainer for home use is that it is designed in such a way that it can fold. The SpaceSaver Design is what makes the folding possible.

It features an 18-inch spacious stride length so that it feels comfortable when working out. Although it offers 18 Magnetic Resistance Levels, it does not provide you with the incline feature, which helps strengthen lower-body muscle groups like Calves, Glutes, and Quadriceps.

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Top Features

iFit® Coach Ready™: Do you want to train with an expert personal trainer without having to leave your living room? If so, subscribing to iFit Membership will help you do that. With iFit, you will have your own personal trainer who will assist you in reaching your fitness goals. Moreover, you will have access to an expansive collection of workouts which will make you sweat both on and off the elliptical trainer. To get started, you must connect your tablet to iFit Coach Ready Elliptical via Bluetooth and start the workout with your trainer. For more details on subscription plans, visit iFit’s Website.

Vertical SpaceSaver® Design: You don’t have to give excuses that you don’t have space to workout in your room anymore because this elliptical trainer can be folded. Once you finish your workout, you can fold it and put it in a corner so that your house looks clutter-free. Nowadays, the folding feature is common for a treadmill, but it’s pretty unique for an elliptical.

Out-of-Box Easy Assembly: After making a purchase, ProForm’s customers are eager to receive their equipment so that they can start workout immediately as soon as it arrives at their doorstep. ProForm doesn’t want to take this “excitement” away from its customers. Therefore, they engineered an elliptical that would fit effortlessly in the box. As a result, you can start your working within minutes, without having to spend long hours assembling your machine.

Soft Grips Upper-Body Workout Arms: Many people are aware that an elliptical trainer is a lower-body workout. However, what they don’t know is that an elliptical also targets various upper-body muscle groups like Arms, Shoulders, Chest, Back, and Abs. In addition, due to the Soft Grips, you can avoid blisters from forming on your palms.

ProForm SMART Strider 495 CSE – Key Specs

Take a look at the table that contains all the Key Specifications of the ProForm SMART Strider 495 CSE Elliptical.

Product Name ProForm SMART Strider 495 CSE Elliptical
Cost $550.00
Display Round Watts LED Display
Weight Capacity 275 Lbs (124.7 Kg)
Stride Length 18-inch Stride
Workout Apps 18
Resistance Levels 18
Inertia-Enhanced Flywheel 13 Lbs
Footprint 65” x 32” x 80”
Water Bottle Holder
Warranty Lifetime Frame Warranty, 1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty
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The Good 

  • Round Watts LED Display: With ProForm’s new Watts LED Display, you can watch your power output right on the console with bright LED lights. Based on the power algorithm, you can tell instantly if you are in the Endurance, Tempo, or Peak Zone. Moreover, you can monitor different workout stats like Speed, Mileage, Time, Calories Burned, and Heart Rate.
  • 18 Workout Apps: If you decided not to go for an iFit Membership, then make use of the in-built workout apps. These apps are designed by professional fitness trainers, and the best part is that they help you take your fitness to a whole new level if used regularly.
  • EKG Heart Rate Monitor: The heart rate sensor is built into the handlebars. For the reading to show up on the display screen, all you have to do is hold the handlebars.
  • Commercial-Guage Solid Steel Construction: The SMART Strider 495 CSE’s frame was constructed using top quality steel, which enables it to last a long time.
  • Oversized Pedals: These large pedals offer a number of foot positions. Also, it increases stability as you exercise.
  • 18” Stride Length: Enjoy long and spacious stride with an 18-inch Stride Length.
  • 18 Resistance Levels: With 18 resistance levels, you can start off easy and progress to intense. Each level is smooth and frictionless because of the Silent Magnetic Resistance.
  • Integrated Tablet Holder: How fun would it be to workout and have some entertainment on the side? If you’ve got a tablet, use the Tablet Holder to fix your device as it’s safe and secure. You can watch your favorite TV Show/Movie while exercising.
  • iPod®-Compatible Audio: Once you created your raving music playlist, plug your iPod or an MP3 Player to the 495 CSE’s in-built sound system. With the dual 2-inch speakers, you can turn up the volume and the tempo.
  • Transport Wheels: Moving this elliptical trainer from one place to the other is fast and easy due to the rear-mounted transport wheels.
  • Water Bottle Holder: To be able to give your 100%, staying dehydrated throughout the session is a must. Hence, utilize the Water Bottle Holder, which is built into the frame of the elliptical machine for easy access.
  • Oversized Leveling Feet: Keep the elliptical balanced and stable even on an uneven surface with the Oversized Leveling Feet.

The Bad

  • Incline: Unfortunately, the SMART Strider 495 doesn’t contain an incline feature. This incline feature will help you burn more calories, but substituting this by increasing resistance levels, will help.
  • 13 Lb. Effective Inertia-Enhanced Flywheel: The heavier the flywheel, the less the vibrations produced in the system. Since 13 Lbs is considered light, do expect some vibrations when working out vigorously.
  • No Fan: This particular elliptical does not have a Workout Fan.
  • 1-Year Parts Warranty: 1-Year is fine if you can maintain and take great care of the elliptical trainer, but it would’ve been a lot better if the 495 CSE came with an extra year on Parts Warranty.


There’s no doubt that the ProForm SMART Strider 495 CSE Elliptical Trainer is one of the best elliptical trainers under the price tag of $600. No other elliptical out there in the industry provides you with a lower price tag with as many features as the SMART Strider 495 CSE.

If you are looking for a much advanced elliptical, then shift your gear towards the ProForm SMART Strider 695 CSE Elliptical Trainer. Also, take a look around Exercise Grid and explore other options that might fit your needs.

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