ProForm Hybrid Trainer Reviews (The 2-in-1 Elliptical + Bike)


In this blog post on ProForm Hybrid Trainer Reviews, we will check out this 2-in-1 equipment which is quite popular in the fitness industry. By the end of this review, you will find out everything you need to know about the ProForm Hybrid Trainer.

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What is the ProForm Hybrid Trainer?

Are you looking for a piece of affordable cardio equipment that allows you to to do TWO different calorie-burning workouts with the help of just a single machine?

If so, then the ProForm Hybrid Trainer is the best equipment that can fulfill your needs.

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer was released in 2015 by ProForm. The reason why it’s quite popular in the market is that it is a combination of both the Exercise Bike as well as the Elliptical Trainer.

Top Features

  • iFit: When you get on the machine, you have access to Expert Personal Trainers who train you right from your living room. Even though a personal trainer would charge you with 100’s of dollars, subscribing to iFit’s individual package will cost you only $15.00 per month; whereas, the family membership, consisting of 5 People, will cost $33.00 per month. The most fascinating part about iFit is that the trainers take you to different parts of the world, and it feels as if you’re in that particular place.
  • Hybrid Trainer: Yes, that’s right! The name of the equipment is itself the most important feature, This is why you’re planning on purchasing, isn’t it? You already know that it’s a mixture of Elliptical Trainer and Exercise Bike. The Elliptical exercises your core, upper body, and lower body. After that, you should quickly hop on to the Bike for an exhausting heart-pumping session.
  • 15” Stride: The Smooth, Long Elliptical Strides provides you with a soft landing. Even when you speed up and misstep, you won’t lose the consistency or worse, fall off the machine. Therefore, the 15” Comfortable Horizontal Stride Length avoids such problems.
  • Watts Power Meter: As soon as you start the workout, the Built-in Power Meter will start displaying your power reading on the screen. In a way, this meter can be quite helpful because you can decide when to slow down or went to speed up during the workout.
  • Integrated Tablet Holder: It can be boring for some people to keep doing the workout for hours, so why not make fitness multi-tasking by attaching your tablet to the Integrated Tablet Holder? Now obviously, you need to have your own tablet though. You can have all your fitness and entertainment tools on the side so that you can follow the trainer via the iFit App and simultaneously watch your favorite TV Show/Movie.

Notable Key Specifications

Below is a table that contains some Key Specifications of the Hybrid Trainer.

Product Name ProForm Hybrid Trainer
Cost $379.00 (Without Shipping)
Display Large LCD Window Display
Warranty 5-Year Frame Warranty, 90-Day Parts & Labor Warranty
Weight Capacity 350 Lbs (158.7 Kg)
Stride Length 15-Inch Elliptical Stride
Workout Apps 16
Resistance Levels 16
Inertia-Enhanced Flywheel 13 Lbs
Footprint 70.5”L x 24.5”W x 60.5”H
Water Bottle Holder
Best Place To Buy

Specifications & Features

From here on, I’ll be explaining all the Specifications & Features of the ProForm Hybrid Trainer so that you get an idea on what this beast offers.


The Large LCD Window Display enables you to measure your results and track your Speed, Time, Distance, and Calories Burned so that you can monitor your training stats. You can adjust the console angle according to your height to view the workout info quite easily.

Silent Magnetic Resistance

SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance helps the equipment to function smoothly without producing any friction within the system. Moreover, it does not interrupt your workout.

Resistance Levels

Increasing Resistance Levels allows you to burn more calories because each time you increase a level, you have to apply more force to keep it moving. I personally recommend that you start out with no resistance and then start building up the pace by increasing the difficulty. There are 16 Digital Resistance Levels that come with the ProForm Hybrid Trainer.

Also, increasing resistance levels might have a negative impact on the machine. However, you are lucky that this machine has the SMR included in it.

Workout Apps

When you step on the ProForm Hybrid Trainer, you have access to 16 Workout Apps. These apps are designed by certified fitness trainers, and each one of them is different. Using them regularly will help you in hitting your fitness goals within a short period of time.


If you have an iPod or an MP3 player, you can create a music playlist and plug it to the machine as its iPod® Compatible. The Hybrid Trainer has two in-built 2-inch speakers that provide you with high-quality music.

Experts made it clear that we tend to match the pace of the workout with the type of music we listen to. Music has also been proven to lower perceived exertion.


Whenever you use the Elliptical Trainer, the Soft Grips Upper-Body Workout Arms will get you a total-body, yet low-impact workout for your arms and other upper body parts like chest, shoulders, etc. In addition, it involves the whole body and tones your muscles.

Transport Wheels

Front-Mounted Transport Wheels is one of my personal favorite features because you can move the equipment from one place to the other. Things just got a lot easier for you. The best part is that the machine is not that heavy to move.

Heart Rate Monitor

The EKG™ Grip Pulse is the ultimate tool that monitors your heart rate. In order for it to display your heart rate, all you have to do is to hold the grips because the tracker is built into the handles of the Hybrid Trainer.

Although the reading might not be accurate, it will give you an approximate reading.

Pros & Cons

Take some time to view the Pros & Cons of the ProForm Hybrid Trainer so that you know what to expect from this high-intensity cardio equipment.


  • Commercial-Gauge Solid Steel Construction: Top quality steel is used to construct this machine. It means that it can last a long period without having to go through any maintenance.
  • Adjustable Cushioned Seat: This seat is for the bike, not the elliptical trainer. The oversized cushioning seat can be adjustable so that you can adjust it until it’s the perfect fit.
  • Oversized Adjustable Pedals: Hybrid Trainer offers you with the flexibility to try various foot positions until you find it comfortable to settle with the right one till the end of the workout.
  • Water Bottle Holder: You can store your favorite beverage in the water bottle holder to stay hydrated during the whole workout session.


  • Inertia-Enhanced Flywheel: The Flywheel is very light as it’s only 13 Lbs. It might cause some vibration within the system.
  • Customer Service: ProForm’s customer service has got some negative reviews because they take quite some time to replace the parts if anything is wrong with the equipment.
  • Return Policy: Although they offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, you have to pay a 10% restocking fee to have it shipped back to them.


There’s no other equipment in the industry which is as affordable as the ProForm Hybrid Trainer that includes both the Exercise Bike and Elliptical Trainer. The Hybrid Trainer occupies less space. It can fit in any given room, so it’s the best fit for home use as well as for commercial gyms.

An advanced version of the ProForm Hybrid Trainer is the ProForm Hybrid Trainer Pro. From the name, you can predict that it has more advantages because it’s the pro version.

If you’re looking for other options, take some time to explore Exercise Grid to see if you find anything that matches your needs. Also, make sure to share this review on Social Media so that others can benefit it as well.

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10 Replies to “ProForm Hybrid Trainer Reviews (The 2-in-1 Elliptical + Bike)”

  1. I think I am more fascinated by the Hybrid Trainer feature. The fact that it can work on both upper and lower body is a big plus. With the iFit, does that mean that you get a programmed lesson online or how does it work? 

    I also get to worry on its power consumption. I have a different model that really skyrockets the electricity bill.

    Thanks for this review.

    1. Hey Carol,

      That’s right!

      As mentioned in the review, the Elliptical Trainer helps you train the whole body. Whereas, Exercise Bike mostly trains the lower body because you only use your legs when you ride a bike.

      With iFit, you will workout with an iFit trainer during the whole session. Unfortunately, I don’t know how long the duration of the training is, but you’ll be under the guidance of a certified trainer.

      Well, your electricity bill depends on many factors. Perhaps, if you provide me with the name of the other model, I might be able to assist you better.

      You’re Welcome,


  2. Thanks for a great review of the ProForm Hybrid Trainer. I like the affordability and compactness that this product offers. That it is both a bike and an elliptical is fantastic. I think that people in a place like New York City or other big cities especially would find favor in this product since living spaces can be tight. I appreciate you pointing out that customer service can be challenging. In this case I would probably just look for replacement parts myself online. Again this looks like a solid product that I will be bookmarking and sharing with some others as well, excellent post!

    1. Hello,

      You’re Welcome!

      Yes, you made a good point regarding the living space. If you live in a 1 Bedroom apartment in a city like NY and are looking for exercise equipment for home use, the ProForm Hybrid Trainer will get the job done.

      ProForm ships out their equipment almost every single day, and they assist other customers as well. Therefore, scheduling with the maintenance people can be tough.

      Thank you,


  3. Thanks so much for your detailed review of the ProForm Hybrid Trainer. I already had an interest in this machine but your article helped answer some of questions I had about it, and told me a few things I didn’t know. (For example, I knew I tend to meet the pace of music I have playing during a workout but I had no idea that using music helps to lessen the perceived intensity – this is great!)

    I especially appreciate your inclusion of the ‘cons’ section instead of just highlighting just good qualities. This is a huge help and gives me a much more rounded view of the machine before I make my choice to buy. Have you personally tried the ProForm Hybrid? If so, I am curious if you are happy with your results. Thanks again!

    1. Hello Shannon,

      You’re Welcome!

      Well, I’m happy that you got to learn something new.

      I like to share my opinion and be 100% honest when I write a review. I did try the ProForm Hybrid just because I wanted to test out how it would feel working out on a machine that contains TWO different cardio exercises. Unfortunately, I didn’t try it consistently to measure my results but using it regularly and concentrating on the diet will help bring results faster.

      Thank you for the comment,


  4. Thank you for this informative and exhaustive review of the ProForm Hybrid Trainer Reviews (The 2-in-1 Elliptical + Bike). I always advocate for strength training over cardio but it has its place :). I also advocate for getting out and moving in nature – it’s not only better for you but provides alternate terrains for various fitness levels. However, society is so busy today it’s hard to find the time. In addition, the weather isn’t always cooperative! That makes this type of exercise machine a great alternative! 

    1. No Problem!

      Luckily, this machine provides you with strength training as well as cardio. Switching between the two can take your fitness to greater heights because each exercise focuses on different body parts. Therefore, it would be good to split the time and work on them during the same session.

      You made a good point there. However, if you’re a big fan of home gyms or home workouts, then the ProForm Hybrid Trainer will keep you happy.


  5. One of the things I hate about exercising is that I feel like I’m wasting time sometimes. That’s why I like that it has a tablet holder. I can save time by watching things that I would watch during my day anyway. The online courses I watch to learn Italian, for example. Or even the TV shows I watch. 🙂

    And I see it’s high quality. Thanks for the recommendation!

    1. Hey Kate,

      That’s a good idea!

      You can workout and fulfill your entertainment needs at the same time. In other words, you can multitask. It can be quite boring if you just workout and don’t do anything else. Listening to music can also help.

      You’re Welcome,


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