ProForm 16.0 MME Elliptical Reviews – With 1-Year iFit

Welcome to the blog on ProForm 16.0 MME Elliptical Reviews! Before we move ahead with the review, I would like to share some information with you regarding the 16.0 MME Elliptical. This particular elliptical trainer has been released by ProForm in the year 2016 and it is best suitable for people who are looking forward to experiencing a full-body workout.

At $2,743.85, the ProForm 16.0 MME Elliptical Trainer offers tonnes of top quality features and high-performance options. In this review, we will be looking at Notable Key Specs, Specifications & Features, and Pros & Cons. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Notable Key Specs

Below is a table that shows some key specs and features offered by this brute. It’s better to view them so that you can get an idea of what this machine offers.

Product Name ProForm 16.0 MME Elliptical Trainer
Cost $2,723.85
Display 5” Backlit Display
Warranty Lifetime Frame Warranty, 3-Year Parts & 1-Year Labor Warranty
Weight Capacity 350 Lbs (158.7 Kg)
Stride Length 18” – 22” Power Adjustable Stride
Workout Apps 32
Resistance Levels 24
Inertia-Enhanced Flywheel 23 Lbs
Storage Water Bottle Holder
Best Place To Buy

Specifications & Features

From here on, I’ll explain all the specifications and features in a detailed manner offered by the MME Elliptical Trainer.


When you purchase the 16.0 MME Elliptical Trainer, you get 1-Year free iFit Membership. With the help of iFit, you can download your favorite routes from Google Maps and the elliptical trainer will automatically adjust the gradient and resistance levels according to the route.

You can access iFit via computer, tablet or smartphone and sync it with the machine in order to use this feature. It only works if you have an Android or an iOS tablet. In case if you would like to renew the membership, it would cost $15 per month.


This machine has been designed specifically for home use all thanks to the Center Drive Design. This design reduces the frame size to just half the length of a traditional elliptical trainer. Another plus point is that it provides better stability.


Everyone would like to see their workout stats live in front of them during the workout. The 5” Backlit Display provides you with workout data which includes distance, speed, time, heart rate and amount of calories burned. This is mandatory for every equipment to have because it helps you to stay on the right track.

Workout Apps

As an owner of the ProForm 16.0 MME Elliptical Trainer, you have access to 32 Workout Apps. Every single app is different and if used frequently, one can achieve their fitness goals a lot faster. You don’t have to spend extra money on fitness trainers as these workout apps have been designed by certified fitness trainers.

Heart Rate

With the assistance of EKG Grip Pulse, you can now see your heart rate live on the display screen. All you need to do is step on the pedals and then start your workout by holding the dual-grip monitor which are built into the handlebars. The heart rate gathered is not accurate but it can help you to stay on track.

Stride Length

This is one of the most flexible features of all simply because the whole family can use this elliptical trainer. The 18” – 22” Power Adjustable Stride can be repositioned in such a way that it can fit comfortably to any individual. Even your kids, friends or parents can use it without having to face any issues.


Experience a full-body, low-impact workout with Upper-Body Workout Arms. Engage all your upper-body muscle groups like arms, shoulders, back, and core. There are fewer chances of blisters forming around your palms/fingers as the grips are quite soft.

Inertia-Enhanced Flywheel

What’s the point of having an Inertia-Enhanced Flywheel? Well, it reduces the number of vibrations caused in the equipment so that you can feel comfortable and enjoy a smooth ride. This machine comes with a 23 Lb. Effective Inertia-Enhanced Flywheel which puts a stop to vibrations/jerks.

Resistance Levels

There are 24 Digital Resistance Levels in the 16.0 MME Elliptical. Start off with no resistance and increase it as you move through the training. Increasing resistance levels can help you to burn more calories in a short period of time. Each level is smooth, frictionless and silent due to the SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance

Workout Fan

As you move the pedals, the CoolAire Workout Fan will start blowing air right onto your face. Quick console control will allow you to adjust the speed of the fan at any point of time. If you want to switch off the fan completely, you have an option to do so.

iPod Compatible Audio

Create your own music playlist and move the beats with the built-in sound system. Plug your iPod to the Intermix Acoustics 2.0 Sound System and listen to powerful high-quality music produced by a set of dual speakers.

Transport Wheels

It’s fast and easy to move the ProForm 16.0 MME with the help of front-mounted wheels. A pair of wheels are located at the front side of the elliptical trainer and all you must do is lift the back side in order to move it.


It can be quite frustrating at times when you have to sit for hours and hours in order to fix the equipment. With ProForm’s Out-of-the-Box Easy Assembly, you don’t have to spend your time struggling to fix the machine. Just follow a few steps and then start your workout immediately.

Pros & Cons

Before coming down to the conclusion, I would like to discuss a couple of pros and cons. Go through each one of them carefully before making a decision.


  • Oversized, Adjustable, Cushioned Pedals: These large pedals allow you a number of foot positions and provide stability as you train.
  • Commercial-Gauge Solid Steel Construction: A top quality steel is used while engineering this machine so that it can last long without any repairs.
  • Water Bottle Holder: Stay hydrated by storing your favorite drink/water close to you. This water bottle holder is built into the elliptical frame for easy access.


  • Customer Service: If any repairs must be done, it’ll take weeks for the replacement parts to arrive. This can be frustrating because your workout is halted.
  • Return Policy: ProForm offers you with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee but you have to pay the return shipping fees and 10% restocking fee.

Our Final Verdict

The ProForm 16.0 MME Elliptical Trainer is one of a kind as it offers lots of features and good options. It’s probably one of the best elliptical trainer’s for home use because of the frame design which I’ve discussed earlier. If you can afford this, you don’t even need another type of physical exercise in order to reach your fitness goals.

If you would like to share your own thoughts or have any questions regarding this elliptical trainer, leave them below in the comments box and I will reply just as soon as I notice your comment.

10 Replies to “ProForm 16.0 MME Elliptical Reviews – With 1-Year iFit”

  1. Awesome review Ani,

    Is the ProForm the type of fitness equipment that contains all sets of workout like I see in tv? Super love the design, it’s so slick and would be a fine addition to my small house since I can’t accommodate much. It would be great to have the fan blowing too, is that based on dynamo, or does the equipment have a power cable to connect to a plug?

    1. Hey Riaz, 

      There are 30+ workout apps which help you to improve your speed, strength and burn more calories within a short period of time. The design is pretty amazing as well cause it’s just half the size of a traditional elliptical trainer. As soon as you purchase it, you get a adapter which you can use to connect the elliptical trainer. 

      Thank you for taking your precious time in reading this review. 

      Best Regards, 


  2. thanks for sharing your thoughts on this trainer, I was wondering whether it was worth it or not.  But I like the fact that you can connect it up and use routes you like.  I don’t often get time to go out and run as often as I like, so was hoping to get a decent trainer for in my garage.  Being able to emulate runs without having to adjust it during the run is something. I really like the look of.

    Thanks again

    1. Hey John, 

      It’s my duty to do so in order to educate newbies regarding an elliptical trainer like the ProForm 16.0 MME Elliptical. Running can be boring but using a machine like this which you can sync routes from Google Maps is cutting edge technology and next level fitness. It does everything for you automatically during training, you don’t have to worry about it. 

      Your Welcome, 


  3. Hi Ani,

    Thanks for the thorough review on this elliptical machine.  It’s one of the best I’ve seen and I am considering it.  As a disabled veteran, I have a back injury and need no to low impact to the spine.  It looks like this time of machine would be less of an impact than a treadmill would.  Are there other machines similar to this that are less of an impact to the spine?

    1. Hey Kris, 

      Your Welcome! 

      Elliptical Trainers in general are less impact machines compared to treadmills. To incorporate less tension on the body, it’s always better to not add resistance levels. As I’ve mentioned in this review, adding resistance levels can target various muscle groups in the body like back muscles and stuff. 

      In case if your not interested in elliptical trainers, I highly recommend that you take a look at some of the exercise bikes that are offered in this website. Exercise Bikes are low-impact workout machines and they can do great wonders to your body. 

      Thank you, 


  4. Hi,

    I enjoyed learning about the Elliptical trainer.  It is extremely versatile and I like the fact you can map out your trail that you might take if weather permitted.  I think having access to a machine like this is great, especially since you mentioned you wouldn’t need any other machines….the Elliptical trainer can be your one source exercise machine. 

    What is the recommended time to spend on this machine a day or 3 times a week?

    Thank you for sharing,


    1. Hey Cora, 

      Thanks a lot for reading this review and I really appreciate your positive feedback on this elliptical trainer. It’s true that you can map out your trail but this doesn’t have anything do with the weather conditions. 

      If your new to this and just getting started, I do recommend that you spend about an hour per day for 2-3 times a week. As you feel comfortable, keep pushing yourself for 1.5 hours per day upto 4-5 times per week. If an individual is passionate and dedicated, I’m 100% surer that they would be needing an other workout machine.  



  5. I am amazed at the features of this machine.  To understand how the technologies have enhanced every aspect of our life today is can I use the word amazing again?  Electronics have been able to help us track everything we do today and accurate records of our workouts show us where we need to improve or be cautious.  

    I worked in a kitchen with a bodacious air/conditioner and a poly blended company tunic that wicked away the moisture so perspiration was never a problem, but dehydration got the best of me one day and I was rushed to ER.  Maybe an optional fan might be considered.

    Thank you for your review, BCNU Rod

    1. Hey Rod, 

      Technology is something which never stops developing and so does the workout machines. This elliptical trainer helps you to track and keep a record of your workouts just like you’ve mentioned. 

      Thanks a lot for sharing your own experience with us. Even if the outdoor weather conditions are harsh, you can enjoy a comfortable workout with the in-built workout fan. 

      Best Regards, 


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